On our way downtown, my editor and I made a startling discovery on a street corner near the radio station. A lone jar of Cheese Balls sat on the corner soaking up the mid day sun.

Figuring this would be the strangest thing we would see all day, we stopped to investigate. We were left with more questions than answers.

Why would anyone leave a jar 3/4 full of Cheese Balls on a street corner? It definitely wasn't just some usual form of litter. It was placed there, on that corner, on purpose.

Is it some form of signal? Has the naming of the baseball team driven us to absolute madness?

Could it be someone brewing a Cheese Ball infused sun tea? Maybe it was Cheese Ball Moonshine.

Why would someone stuff damp papers into the top of the jar? Thinking maybe a piece of paper would be a treasure map, I inspected the paper lid on the Cheese Balls and discovered that the moisture had ruined most of the writing on the pages. No luck there.

Google searches have yielded no results. All I keep finding are recipes for gourmet cheese balls, none of which involve the sun or a wad of moist paper.

If you have any idea as to why someone would place Cheese Balls on a street corner like this, please reach out to us via Facebook or our app.

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