Concerts are touch-and-go right now. With the highly contagious COVID-19 still at pandemic status, and no one really sure when that will change, the idea of going to a concert is a farfetched one for most.

I check the Amarillo Civic Center website daily for updates. Majority, if not all, of the events scheduled for May have been either postponed or cancelled.

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When you get into June, it's a different story. Looking at the list of events for June, it's almost as if the sixth month of the year is some magical finish line that should we cross it, then everything will be alright.

ZZ Top is still slated for June 10. Bob Dylan along with Nathaniel Rateliff is still slated for later in June.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Styx is still scheduled for September.

At this current moment, the idea of cramming myself into an auditorium with strangers makes me cringe a little bit. I can't go to the grocery store without feeling a little paranoid.

By June, that could change.

I wonder, if these concerts should happen, what will be different? Will anything be different? If you buy into all of the headlines we've been seeing recently, social distancing could be our way of life for a while. How will that affect concerts?

Fingers crossed that on June 10, ZZ Top will be in town and we can party with the all mighty bearded ones. Even if concerts don't work the way we've come to expect them to, I'm ready for them to be back.

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