Growing up I was aware of Selena. I saw the movie and even went to school with a girl named Selena who hated when we would use that infamous quote from the film around her.

But that was it. My journey with Selena ended in middle school.

Fast forward twenty years and I'm living in Amarillo, Texas. For the last year, Selena has been everywhere. From grocery shopping tote-bags to being mentioned every time I'm out dancing and we all decide a good cumbia is in order, Selena is everywhere in Texas.

I understand the cultural significance of Selena. She was more than just a star. She represented so much more than just music.

But I can't wrap my mind around Selena-mania, and I'm not the only transplant from across state lines with questions.

Maybe I've missed something amid the podcasts, true crime documentaries, the film, the music, and the upcoming Netflix original series. What is it that separates her from other culturally significant artists and performers?

So what is it that makes Selena stand out? What is it that makes Selena continue to have an identity that is larger than just music? What am I missing?

Feel free to write in, or comment, to let me know. Until someone explains it to me, I'll be left curious and wondering just what I've missed.

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