October is a magical time of year. The seasons change. Halloween is on the way. Pumpkin Spice takes over everything from coffee to Spam.

It also is a time to hoist steins.

At Amarillo's Craft Beer and Bacon Fest this Saturday (Oct 12), we will be having a men's and women's stein hoisting tournament. The winners of each division get a trip to Six Flags in Arlington.

You can use your trip to go to Six Flags for all of their Halloween themed fun. It's the perfect way to say goodbye to summer/fall, and say hello to winter.

Sign ups for the event will be taking place at Amarillo's Craft Beer and Bacon Fest, so you'll want to be sure and get to the Amarillo Netplex early to make sure you get signed up.

Doors open at 3pm for VIP, and at 4pm for the general public.

Stein hoisting is a competition that is more about endurance than strength. Contestants will hold a stein, filled to the brim, straight out in front of them forming a 90 degree angle.

The rules are simple. Hold your stein out the longest and you win. If you spill any, lower your arm, or use your wrist to tilt the stein...you're out.

Be looking for the stein hoisting event, along with all of the other games will we have available to play at this year's Amarillo Craft Beer and Bacon Fest.

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