When I was going to college I paid my own way. Well that was once I exhausted any scholarships I may have received. Oh, and after I blew my free ride with grants I received. Showing up to class and passing is important. There was a time I was working too much and weird hours that made that tough.

So I had to pay out of pocket for my classes. You could do that back then. You had the tuition and all the fees that went with it. Oh and then you had to take a trip to the bookstore. Ouch, I never could imagine how expensive books could be. Luckily my main classes didn't require a book. That was nice. It made it a lot more affordable.

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Now that concept has made its way to West Texas A&M University. The idea of no books. Can you imagine the savings? That is exactly what they are doing. Beginning in the fall 2024 semester, no WT student will be required to buy a textbook for any course, according to a memo WT's President, Walter Wendler put out.

“WT is working to be innovative in our approach to reducing debt incurred by students and their families. Technological advances in this information age are forever changing how we deliver education to students.”

A life without buying books for college. Can it really be possible? Yes, yes it can. My daughter went back to school when she moved back to Dallas. She didn't need to buy any books. They were all online. So it is possible. I thought it was a smaller school so that might be why. Nope it can be done on a larger level too. WT is proving that starting in 2024.

According to Wendell the national average for textbooks is $1,200 per student annually meaning WT students may save up to $4,800 over the course of four years. With the rising cost of everything else that is a welcomed break.

According to a press release sent out from WT:

If a course continues to require a textbook, the College’s dean will use WT resources to buy it for students.

Professional manuals, such as those used in nursing, engineering or writing, will be considered reference books, not textbooks, and may still be required.

Faculty also will be encouraged to use AI and other information technology to develop course materials.

So great news out of WT and hopefully other colleges and university's follow suit. One less expense when everything else seems to cost more.

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