I remember when my best friend called me to talk about his big capstone project for college. His computer science project can't hold a candle to the memories these students are making.

Engineering students at WTAMU have been asked to build a prosthetic limb for a potbellied pig appropriately named, Peg. The pig suffered a birth defect which made one of its legs deformed. It's shorter than the rest and stays close to her body.

The pig was brought to WTAMU by Lone Star Scales and Tails, hoping to find a solution.

According to reports, the students are excited and have enjoyed the opportunity to dig into the facts behind potbellied pigs. They gathering all the info they can so they can give Peg, the potbellied pig, a prosthetic that will stay with her and help her get around.

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall the day that the students met, Peg. There had to have been a few confused glances shared across the room at the arrival of a potbellied pig, and then finding out that you're task is to engineer a prosthesis for the pig to use.

I also would love to be a fly on the wall during a job interview when someone is explaining this major project to a potential employer. The project will definitely look interesting on a resume.

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