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Right now, our area is seeing a surge in Covid-19 cases. The headlines we've all seen are actually pretty scary. Reports of "morgue trailers" and hospitals being full are a shocking reminder on just how serious this pandemic is.

It's no surprise, given the current state of the panhandle regarding Covid-19, that WTAMU has announced that their graduation ceremonies in December will be virtual.

The news immediately made me think back to earlier this year when everything went virtual or drive through. I'll never forget my wife and I attending a drive-thru kindergarten graduation. It was sad for the kids, and the parents.

I can't imagine the sting of knowing that a moment you have worked so hard for will now be held virtually. You won't be gathering with all of your friends, classmates, professors, faculty, and family. There will be no massive ceremony celebrating the end of one chapter in life, and the beginning of another.

If you're looking for something to feel positive about in all of this, news reports state that students will at least have to option to participate in the spring ceremonies. Those same reports state that the ceremonies for the spring are "tentatively planned."

Fingers crossed we can get things under control before then. When all of this first started, I imagined a tough month or two. Here we are at almost the end of the year, and our numbers are steadily rising.

For those students who are graduating in December, I congratulate you on accomplishing something that not everyone is able to in the most normal of circumstances. You have worked hard in the hardest of times, and achieved something great.

For the rest of us, this is a reminder of the many things we gave up earlier in the year. Let's all do our part. Mask up. Maintain social distancing. Keep washing your hands. We'll get through this together.

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