Amarillo turns out to be a place that several Hollywood starts like to visit. We get them here because of the Cadillac Ranch. Sometimes they stop because they want to take that 72 oz. steak challenge.

Sometimes they stop here because it's a stopping place on their way to somewhere else. We usually hear about it on social media. Gone are the days that they can sneak in for a nights stay and then poof they are gone without any notice.

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We hear about it a lot sooner thanks to social media posts. It wasn't too long ago that Will Ferrell was here at the Big Texan. We come to expect that being a stopping place for a lot of people. So when someone stops and goes somewhere totally different I guess it impresses me a little bit more.

I guess it would impress me even more if they go to a local restaurant. I mean we have a lot of great ones here in Amarillo. We really do. I was scrolling through social media when I saw a Hollywood type posting about his stop in Amarillo.

He did not stop at The Big Texan but he did stop somewhere else known for great steaks. His restaurant of choice? Texas Roadhouse. OK, I get that. I love me some Texas Roadhouse. I mean they serve up prime rib pretty much any time you want one. Not just on weekends. That was what first drew me there.

So who made a stop through Amarillo. If you grew up in the early 2000's you know the name Frankie Muniz. I am sure you watched Malcolm in the Middle. I did. I also had a young kid at that point so we knew him from the movies too.


Oh yes, we went to see Agent Cody Banks. Yes, we saw Big Fat Liar. These days when I mentioned Frankie Muniz to a friends she said "Oh yeah he is driving for Nascar now." and he is.


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