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Once or twice a month, I go to YouTube and type in "Amarillo TX" to see what pops up. Today, I had at WTF moment.

There's actually a live stream now from the Big Texan where you can watch people, in real time, try and defeat the 72oz steak challenge.

I'm a little bit curious and a whole lot of queasy.

The channel is called Big Texan Live. So far, it looks like the channel has only been up for a few weeks. There's a grand total of 14 videos at the moment, which surprises me. I honestly never would have guessed there were that many people wanting to give it a try.

When you check out the channel, you can subscribe to it and then set notifications so you can always know when someone stuffing their face with a plate full of medium rare.

Not going to lie to you, the whole thing weirds me out. I've never been into food challenges. Mukbangs are pure nightmare fuel (videos of people on YouTube gorging themselves in the most disgusting ways possible). Those hot dog eating contests make me nauseous.

So I probably won't be sitting by my phone waiting for a notification that Bubba Joe from Aransas came to town in his best sleeveless t-shirt to try and beat the legendary 72oz steak.

However, if you're into it (and I won't judge you if you are) feel free to subscribe to their channel. Who knows, maybe you'll get to watch live the next time someone sets a record.

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