Looking for a way to get away from stress and have some fun? This Saturday August 5th from 8p to 11p Red Dirt artist Zac Wilkerson will be performing sets of his most popular songs.

 I  always loved going to live performances as a kid and still do to this day, it is a great pass time to nurse your longing for great times and good music. 



The last time I can remember going to see live Texas Red Dirt music was in Austin at the LSR burger joint while visiting my dad when he was on a business trip for his work.  It was a blast, I recommend checking it out if your ever in the beautiful Hill Country region of Texas.


Golden Light French Fries
Golden Light

Our table was up on a balcony and you could see the city lights from where we were sitting at, it was quite an amazing experience. This was sometime in the Fall season and you could feel the cool air up against your face.  An iPad was used to control all of the Audio consoles and playlist, talk about uptown tech.  I hope I get to go back soon and maybe see what other bands might be playing.  I might be surprised, who knows.






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