Amarillo is a city that loves to help out. There is a problem and we try to find a way to be a part of the solution and not the problem. We lend a helping hand as much as we can. I like to believe that we have big hearts here in Amarillo.

Recently Kensi Syvoraraj, owner of Crackin' Crab on Soncy was involved in an accident. She was just trying to leave work and head home to her family. She never made it home. The drunk driving accidents are out of control here in Amarillo. That is something that needs to change now.

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Since the accident, Kensi has been in the hospital fighting. Of course, an accident like this keeps her from working and because of that the money gets tight. So a GoFundMe was created to try to help with the never-ending medical bills.

According to her GoFundMe:

Kensi is an amazing individual who has a huge heart, she’s truly a blessing but unfortunately, Kensi was involved in an accident where she was struck by a drunk driver leaving her restaurant that she put everything she had into, she crossed the intersection and was T-boned causing her to fracture 2 vertebrae, damage spine in 3 regions, bleeding in the lining between her brain and the skull, she has fractures in her mouth, broken ribs and is currently intubated, has already experienced a stroke and is on the brink of high-risk surgery. Our family has been through so much and we need help with all her bills and expenses that have created hardship for our family.

The good news is this GoFundMe was created by her significant other, Jon, so you can feel good that the money will go to her family and her bills. There are other benefit events going around our area as well for her. So if you can find a way. Amarillo is always good to help out.

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