We love our new restaurants here in Amarillo. It's always good to see the news that our city is growing like it is. We have had a growth of new places opening and here is yet another one.

It's called The Corner Grill and they are starting their soft opening. So they are not messing around. They are located near Strawberry Fields. It's basically near the corner of 2219 and VFW Road. Boy is that area growing. This is the second new place to be opening in the area. Not too long ago we discovered a new place called Sticky Chikky opening in that same area.

credit: Brittany Berry
credit: Brittany Berry

This new place The Corner Grill - 14588 FM 2590 has a menu of burgers, salads, and coffee as their sign states. They do have a menu online HERE, though that menu doesn't have any coffee listed. I would assume that an update is coming. This is a pretty new place and they will probably be making changes to their site.

They are going to be a welcomed addition to the area. For food, they already have Grandma's Burritos. They will be getting Sticky Chikky soon. So a burger and salad place will just be a welcomed addition.

It is nice to see that area growing. Just more of a proven fact that at some point Amarillo and Canyon will be close to becoming one. That is a good thing for our area. Having tons of shopping and tons of food. We are all for it.

Let's welcome The Corner Grill to a growing neighborhood. We are so glad that you are here.

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