First, it sparks curiosity. Next, it sparks intrigue. Finally, it sparks excitement.

I know, I just described what could be an absolute myriad of different things, but there's one that stands above the rest when it comes to those three feelings.

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It's the feeling of a brand new business opening near you. Amarillo is no stranger to new places popping up. We have so much land and are beginning to grow at a pretty busy rate that the introduction of new businesses is paramount to keep the city moving.

Naturally, we joke about whether it's a coffee shop or convenience store that's being built, or maybe another storage unit place. Contrary to popular belief, those aren't the ONLY things that open up in Amarillo, it just seems to be the ones we remember.

So in case you missed it, I wanted to give you a look at all the different businesses that have opened this year in Amarillo. Some you knew of, some you may not have known about. All I know is maybe, just maybe, you'll find a new business to frequent.

OPEN: All The New Businesses in Amarillo in 2023.....So Far!

Amarillo's a ripe place for the livin'. For every place that shuttered their doors, two have opened up for business. Check them out!

This list will be updated all throughout 2023

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