This is one of those stories that I am following closely. Ever since I got back from a trip to Dallas and figured out what Amarillo was missing, this has interested me. See I spend a lot of time at HomeGoods and wonder why we don't have one.

We have a TJ Maxx and they are in the same family. So is Marshall's. HomeGoods is just the motherload. Really it is. I have been campaigning to get one here. I have reached out to HomeGoods a few times. I really thought that the former Stein Mart would be a great place for it.

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That location is not very far from TJ Maxx. So it makes sense. Oh, but so does the Bed Bath and Beyond location. I never even thought about that until I saw this listing from Coldwell Bankers. That is where this talk started.

Coldwell Bankers
Coldwell Bankers

They had a listing for another business but their listing shows HomeGoods in the former Bed, Bath and Beyond location. I have not received any confirmation from them. In fact, I got the same blanket statement I received months ago:

Thank You for reaching back out! At this time, HomeGoods has not announced a new store in Amarillo, Texas.

The key word I take from that is the word "announced". They have not announced it yet. Even though there are listings showing this. I really hope this is true. I would be so happy. I really would.

credit: D'edra Jefferson
credit: D'edra Jefferson

I got a text from my friend D'edra the other day she sent a photo of work being done at Bed, Bath and Beyond and said:

Hey girl...I know u post your curiosity about things around town. Here u go. This is currently at Bed  Bath and Beyond location....hmmmmmm!

I told her about the HomeGoods rumor and she said she heard the same thing. She is also a big fan of that news.

credit: Melissa Bartlett,TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett,TSM

So I will keep watching. When I drove by the complete sign was gone. So now we just wait.

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