It seems that Amarillo Police are dedicated to trying to clean up the city in their own way here in 2024. It feels like it's been a busy 15 days for them picking up people, whether it be on gun charges, drug charges, etc.

Today, Amarillo PD announced yet another bust in the 806 that is aimed at lowering the crime rate here.

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Last week, Amarillo PD was running an anti-gang operation, aimed at trying to nail down some of the gang activity within the city which has seemingly grown over the last few years. Well the one they announced today looks like it was a pretty big bust.

Nine people were arrested after police found and seized a total of 2.92 grams of fentanyl, 1.72 pounds of cocaine and 282.29 grams of marijuana. While the amount of cocaine that was seized is astronomical, it was the fentanyl that most people will be happiest about.

When you're talking about a deadly dose of fentanyl, we're talking about 2mg. When you do the conversion, 1 gram equals 1,000mg. In essence, police recovered nearly 1,500 deadly doses of fentanyl and got it off the streets.

From January 8-12, Amarillo PD were busy making more than 28 traffic contacts with suspected gang members, or people affiliated with gangs. They also executed three search warrants to go with the nine arrests they made.

Three guns were also found and seized during the operation.

This was a collaborative effort with several different agencies, and they were all needed to pull it off. Can we expect more of this in Amarillo during 2024? My gut would tell me yes as it appears they've been making a concerted effort to make the city a safer place in general.

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