For all the different events and things we've seen pop up in the Texas Panhandle, from elaborate St. Patrick's Day festivities in Shamrock, to Comic-Con in Amarillo, there's been something for ALMOST everyone.

On Saturday, October 28th, we can knock another one off the list that has never been to the panhandle.

Amarillo is set to host its first ever Renaissance Faire and Historical Festival, and it'll all be going down at Thompson Park. Now, if you don't know what a renaissance faire is, allow me to catch you up.

The atmosphere is set back to when the renaissance period was in the 14th century. It started in Italy back in the 1400's and made its way to England in the 16th century according to most historians.

It was a time where people dressed in elaborate clothing, enjoyed food and drink in a happy setting, and there were even battles that would take place for entertainment. It truly was a simpler time.

The renaissance was also know for its art and architecture, and that's really what started the entire movement.

Across the country, there are these fairs that bring back those times for everyone to enjoy. You will see many dress up to attempt to look just like they did back during the era. Those sword fights make a return, and everyone there is just in a good mood enjoying life.

The one coming to Amarillo will feature all of those things, along with strongman competitions (which were a very popular thing during the era), shopping and games, Royal Court & Feast, as well as Halloween events considering it's only a few days away from the holiday. There will also be musical performances and a choir.

To get tickets and info about the event, you can click here.

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