It wasn't even a month ago when we got the news we were hoping for. We were going to have arena football back again in Amarillo. We have been really missing the high action and high energy Amarillo Venom games.

We have new owners and soon we will have a whole new team. We will be able to head over to the Amarillo Civic Center and enjoy a game and root on our favorite team. We just need the pieces now to make it all happen.

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We have a head coach, Rick Kranz. Kranz is a coaching veteran and ready to take over in the 2024 season. We are about to host try-outs for the team. The only other missing piece we have is the dance team.

You know the girls I am talking about. They come out and entertain the crowd. Girls want to be them. Now is your chance to actually join the team. The Amarillo Venom will be hosting their try-outs for the dance team girls.

So if you have ever dreamed of being one of those girls now is the chance. You have a few weeks to practice. You have a few weeks to get a routine together. You have a few weeks to get your energy and spirit up.

You can be performing at the Amarillo Venom for their upcoming season this spring. You can have all the little girls in the crowd dreaming about being like you one day.

Try-outs are coming up October 7th at the Kids Inc. Sportsplex. Get your routine ready and head out to try-outs. It's going to be great to have the Amarillo Venom back and you can be part of the excitement.

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