I feel like Jack in the Box has a cult following here in Amarillo. There is a love for the place that matches no other place needed here. I feel when we ask what needs to come to Amarillo that is one that is mentioned many, many times.

I do not disagree at all. Jack in the Box is the one place that I would have to stop at each and every time I visited my daughter in Fort Worth. She had one less than a mile away from her apartment. So that was dangerous.

Now that she moved away my visits will be few and far between. The closest ones to Amarillo are in Wichita Falls, Albuquerque, and Oklahoma City. So we really need one closer.

In fact, even Jack in the Box agrees. I received a message from Miguel saying he did some digging and maybe soon we will get a chance to get those Sour Dough Jack Burgers here or even those glorious tacos. I mean those are the stuff dream are made of really.

So after seeing his message I did some digging too to see what he was talking about. Yes, Jack in the Box knows Amarillo needs one. We know that Amarillo needs one too. Here it is in print:

credit: Jack in the Box Amarillo Location
credit: Jack in the Box

If Amarillo can get a Buc-ee's and we know that is happening then we can get a Jack in the Box. All it takes is someone willing to franchise it. It is pretty much guaranteed to be approved here. We warrant one.

I feel like it is a good sign that Amarillo made their website for places that meet their criteria and have the interest for one. I know I am interested. How about you? Let's find someone to franchise one soon. Please.

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