I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. It was exciting to be invited to check out the new location of the long-awaited Urban Air Adventure Park in Westgate Mall. Not only is it a much-needed fun place for people in Amarillo to take their children to, it's HUGE.

The cherry on top? My tour of the place would be two days before the grand opening, which means I would be able to see the whole thing before the doors opened to the public on Saturday April 22, 2023. Count me in!

Urban Air Adventure Place is located in Westgate Mall, where it occupies the former space of a giant department store. And let me tell you, they have completely changed the place up! The first thing I wondered when I walked in was, "How in the heck could this have been a Beall's location in its former life?"

Urban Air Adventure
Sarah Clark/TSM

The transformation is just incredible. All the bright colors are enough to make any kid excited to be there. If you're a parent, let me give you a heads-up: It is extremely affordable. Especially if you decide to become a member.

Seriously. The monthly cost of a membership is less than a single visit by itself. I really was amazed by that. There is only one door to get in. Sorry, this fun zone isn't accessible from inside the mall.

I do feel like this may become a hot place for birthday parties for sure. They will have packages and they have plenty of party areas.

What I really like are the bonus features that they provide for the parents. There are plenty of tables and desks--some of which even have charging docks for anything that needs a plug!

Also. There are massage chairs dotted throughout the facility. Praise be!

Check Out What Urban Air Adventure Park Has to Offer

I walked out of the place feeling excited. It's a place that offers children something fun to do and gives parents some practical benefits. And I look forward to seeing Urban Air officially open for business on Saturday!

But without further ado....here's the exclusive sneak peek of Urban Air Adventure Park

SNEAK PEEK: Urban Air Adventure Park's in Westgate Mall

Urban Air Adventure Place has been in the works since it was announced in January 2022. And FINALLY! It's set to open to the public on Saturday, April 22, 2023.

We were lucky enough to score a sneak peek of the impressive facility that will give children the chance to jump, fly, and jive to their heart's content.

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