When I was growing up here in the Texas Panhandle there was stuff to do in Amarillo but nowhere near what we have now. The kids have it great. I am a little jealous. Oh, and I am thrilled to have a granddaughter so I have a reason to play at my age.

Every adult needs a fun place to play as well. I know the kids enjoy running and climbing and having a blast but we adults can admit it's fun for us as well. So the more fun places that open the better.

This Weekend Get Ready for This Grand Opening

We have been waiting patiently and the time is almost here. I am talking about Urban Air Adventure Park. We have been waiting since we heard that they were moving into Westgate Mall.

Our mall has been missing something fun for the kids since Lights Off Golf left the building. It has been a long time coming. The wait is over. According to a recent press release they will be opening up to the public this Saturday.

What to Expect at Urban Air Adventure Park

  • Adventure Hub – The Adventure Hub® is our own unique combination of some of the best indoor attractions we offer – Sky Rider Coaster, Ropes Course, and Tubes Indoor Playground.
  • Sky Rider – Strap in and zigzag overhead while you scout out all the other attractions. It’s literally a way to take your fun to new heights. Plus it’s a no-skill, all-thrill ride, so everyone can enjoy it.
  • Climbing Walls – Build muscles and hone your skills as you reach new heights and master your ascent while enjoying some cliffside fun.
  • Ropes Course – Learning the ropes has never been more exciting with another up-in-the-air adventure that tests your balance and agility. The stakes are as high as you and your friends learn confidence, however, safety is assured since you are securely harnessed as you make your way through the course.
  • Leap of Faith – Build up your courage and climb to the top of the platform, then take a deep breath and leap!
  • ProZone Performance Trampolines – The ProZone Performance Trampolines attraction is the local landing spot for all the best acrobats, stuntmen, and daredevils.
  • Warrior Course – You’ve watched those warrior ninjas from your living room, now try it for yourself! Perhaps one of the most exhilarating team-building events, Warrior Obstacle Course lets you face off against your friends while testing your balance and strength.
  • Battle Beam – Think balance beam plus sword fighting. Only the swords are foamy. And the pit below is lined with cushy blocks.
  • Wipeout – The mission is simple: be the last person standing in this fun and hilarious competition.
  • Tubes Playground – Playground or obstacle course? You decide. Race a friend or beat your own personal best time.
  • The APEX Trampolines – We’ve got trampolines on the floor and on the walls. The only place we don’t have trampolines is on the ceiling.
  • Dodgeball – The best sport in PE plus trampolines? Yes, please! All ages are welcome and everyone loves the experience.
  • DropZone – Drop on in for a little fun, while practicing your flips, spins, or other amazing acrobatics, all with the confidence that you’ll land safely on a giant, inflatable airbag.
  • Runway (Tumble Track) – It’s tumble time! Flip, twist, and backhandspring your way down one of the longest trampolines in the area.

There will be so much to do. They will offer their Endless Play Memberships starting at just $10.99 per month. These passes will let you enjoy unlimited access to the new park.

Their website has so much to offer. Check it out HERE. We welcome you to our city.

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