However you view Amazon, whether it be a savior to shopping or evil corporate conglomerate, you have to admit they've done some very good things over the years.

One of those things was the Amazon Smil program. They allowed you to donate 0.5% of any of your purchases to a non-profit organization of your choice, helping a lot of different organizations along the way.

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Some of those non-profits that participated are right here in the panhandle. Unfortunately, though, those organizations are going to have to make that money in a different way now. Amazon announced that they are ending their Amazon Smile program.

The change takes effect immediately and it has left several panhandle non-profits scrambling to figure out how to make up those funds. The program is ending immediately, so as of today, those funds are no longer rolling in.

As a whole, the Amazon Smile program generated over $400 million being donated to different charities. Some of the smaller non-profits here in the panhandle say they are really going to feel that hit.

Smaller organizations here say the program generated around $2000 a year or so to them, and while on the surface that doesn't seem like a ton of money, it was helpful money. It allowed them to cover office supplies needed and other things needed to keep themselves stocked and afloat.

The bigger organizations say they won't be impacted as much by the loss of the program since they fundraise in many different ways and have a bigger profile.

Now is the time to step up for those local, smaller non-profit organizations Amarillo. Don't let them fade off into the night!

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