One of the more common themes in 2023 and early 2024 around Amarillo has been the closing of places. Restaurants, local businesses, and even some national businesses have shut their doors permanently due to a myriad of factors.

Struggling economy, rising costs of everything from supplies to food to employees. No business wants to shut their doors, unless they're retiring and simply going to live the good life somewhere else. Even in some of those cases, the person looks to sell off the business to keep it open.

So it's a nice change when we hear about new places opening or others re-opening after having to shut their doors for a bit. One of the places that recently closed, an Amarillo favorite is Beef O'Brady's. RUMOR has it there is a sale in the works and that it'll re-open soon, but no confirmation on that. I do hope it's true though.

We do however have one restaurant confirmed re-opening, in fact, the doors are already back open, and with an improved menu. Munchies, located in the San Jacinto neighborhood, has opened their doors once again, with an added twist.

Along with all the American favorites they were already serving, such as burgers, fried catfish, and more, they've now added handmade Asian dishes to the menu. Things such as spring rolls and egg rolls can be found on the menu, along with some other Asian dish favorites.

On top of the re-opening of Munchies, we have a new place in town that has recently opened their doors, and it's a healthy option sort of place.

They call themselves 70x7 Hyrdo Bar, and if it's healthy you crave, this is your place. Serving up all sorts of different options, from smoothies and aloe vera energy teas, to waffles, keto donuts, and sandwiches, 70x7 Hydro Bar will make sure you're eating clean and feeling good.

Check out these great options soon! Let's keep some doors open in 2024.

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