News broke recently about a special edition of Apocalypse Now making its way to theaters and store shelves. This definitive edition of the classic film will be shown in Amarillo.

Apocalypse Now Final Cut brings the iconic film back to theaters in 4K Ultra HD. Some of my favorite scenes are going to look absolutely incredible.

You will be able to see this version of the film at Amarillo Premiere 6 inside of Westgate Mall. Tickets go on sale August 9.

The Facebook page for the event describes the film like this:

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Francis Ford Coppola’s visionary Vietnam War epic, when the newly restored Apocalypse Now Final Cut , arrives in theaters on 4K Ultra HD™ for the first time ever. Restored from the original negative, Apocalypse Now Final Cut is Coppola’s most realized version of the film to date.

Personally, I can't wait for "...napalm in the morning," and "the horror" in Ultra HD. This film is firmly in my top five of all time.


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