Amarillo's Westgate Mall has once again lost another place to eat in the food court. It was not that long ago when two other places shut down. Now a month later it has happened again.

It does seem like the food court has been a revolving door of places. Some wonder if the rent is just too high. Which can be a problem if you are a local mom-and-pop style shop trying to make it. A big chain can absorb those costs a little bit better.

Not always as we saw Sonic and Corn Dog 7 closed after being in that location for so long. Back at the end of January, we lost the Hibachi Steak and Ramen place. We also lost Sweet Boutique. From what I was told the same person owned both of those. So it does make sense that they both closed.

Here we are now in the month of March and another casualty to Westgate Mall's Food Court. The announcement came late last week that Rotini and the Alfredo's were closing that day. It seems like we just announced their opening. I know that was actually over a year ago.

I actually went by and tried out their location when they first opened up. The menu was not huge but everything that I ordered we really liked. Plus the name was great. What is not to love about the name? Come on Rotini and the Alfredo's that is just great.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I guess in the end that didn't matter because it is now officially closed. With a movie theater that is supposed to open up, I hope they can fill the now vacant places. That theater was supposed to open at the end of January and still hasn't.

Maybe these local businesses could have survived with the theater open. That added foot traffic may have helped. I guess we will never know.

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