This is not a drill. This is not a wait-and-see. Nope, the movie theater inside Westgate Mall is about to open. We were first told it was going to open in January. OK, so they missed that target date.

Things happen. Then they were trying to open up last week. Missed target date number two. Again, not unusual. I even went to the mall last week a couple of times to pick up an online order at a store that saved me money shipping to them. While I was in that store I did a little more shopping. Which is why they let me save by picking up there. Smart move.

Both times I went to Westgate Mall I made sure that I walked by the movie theater. I was hoping to see some kind of movement inside. So I could tell there was something being done. I did not. Apparently, they were getting things ready behind the scenes.

They are officially opening up this week. Wednesday, March 27th is the date. Scene One Entertainment recently made the announcement.

According to the owner and CEO of Scene One Entertainment, Joe Masher:

We’re excited to reopen this theater in Amarillo’s premiere shopping destination. Westgate Mall is the perfect place to open our first theater in Texas and we look forward to expanding our footprint here in the Lone Star State.
Wednesday will be a big day filled with big savings on movies. On opening day (Wednesday, March 27) only, all tickets will be $3 for the following features: Singin' in the Rain, Elvis, Oppenheimer, Wizard of Oz, Barbie, and The Lego Movie.
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Another good thing about Scene One Entertainment is that ticket pricing will be the lowest in the area, and the theater will feature Scene One’s popular “Family 4-Pack”, where a family of four can get four tickets, one large popcorn and two large fountain beverages for one low price. So as you are making your movie viewing plans make sure you add this new location inside Westgate Mall as a new place to check out.

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