It's a common problem for a lot of small businesses. Where do you find the capital to keep your business up and running?

You rely on customers to buy your products, but what happens when times are slow and you're struggling to keep things afloat?

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Well if you're in that spot right now, here's a chance for you to potentially gain the capital you need, and not have to pay it back.

The Amarillo EnterPrize challenge is back, and you've got until September 30th to get signed up for it.

So what exactly is the Amarillo EnterPrize challenge? It's a program of the WT Enterprise Center in which you attend an orientation class that provides you with qualified coaching and a support system that helps you understand how to take your business to the next level.

And yes, there is a contest that could net you a piece of half a million dollars. Brian Enevoldsen, the WT Enterprise Center program manager told NewsChannel 4, “This program offers more than just an opportunity to seek capital. While every business undoubtedly could benefit from having more cash on hand to scale operations and grow, spending time developing a well thought-through and researched business plan provides the owner with their path forward.”

This isn't a new program either. Last year, they helped four different businesses with capital via the challenge and provided immeasurable info that would help these businesses stay afloat and grow.

Funding for the program is provided by the Amarillo Economic Development Corp, and they have even more money to dish out this year.

If this sounds like something your business could use, you can enter the challenge HERE.

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