We hear about those tip lines often in Amarillo. You know, things like Amarillo Crime Stoppers, etc. saying if you have a tip that leads to an arrest, you could get yourself some kind of cash reward.

Well, I don't know if this particular tip led to any type of cash reward, but it did lead to multiple arrests.

Yesterday, December 27th, police learned from a source on North Hill of a residence where "several known gang members were in possession of firearms" may be located. Police quickly started moving into the area and established a presence surveilling the residence.

A white Chevrolet Malibu eventually left the residence with multiple people inside it. As police flipped their lights on to initiate a traffic stop, the Malibu eluded police for several blocks before finally pulling over.

Inside the vehicle, police noticed some unnatural movement going on prior to the vehicle stopping, usually a sign that the occupants are attempting to hide something. Indeed, they were.

Inside the vehicle, they found Jostavius Stiger, 19, Clifton Holman 19, an unnamed female and two juveniles. That wouldn't be all they would find. Three handguns were found underneath the front passenger seat of the Malibu.

Stiger and Holman were both arrested on multiple charges, including tampering, unlawful carry of weapons, and eluding. One of the juvenile occupants was detained and booked into the Youth Center of the High Plains after being questioned on several other cases.

The unnamed female as well as the other juvenile were both released pending further investigation.

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Gallery Credit: Toni Gee, Townsquare Media

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