Have you ever heard of mistaken identity? It's honestly a pretty common thing, but this one is a bit different.

This isn't a story about a person with a mistaken identity. No, this is an ENTIRE SCHOOL caught up in a mess.

It all started with a high school volleyball match between Canyon High School and Hays High School. What was supposed to be simply a sporting event turned into much more.

As you can see from the Facebook post, kids in the Canyon student section started hurling racial slurs toward some of the Hays players. Social media quickly blew up after Jennifer Gardner Price posted this to social media.

Canyon High School started getting absolutely dragged through the mud. Canyon ISD was contacted about the incident but they quickly pointed out they got the wrong Canyon High School.

They were right. When I first saw the headline about it, I thought to myself wow, that's a LONG way to travel for a team from the panhandle to travel for a regular season volleyball match. It's usually something you only see in the playoffs.

Hays High School is located in Kyle, Texas. It's a city JUST south of Austin...and the city I used to live in before moving to Amarillo.

Canyon High School is located not only in Canyon, Texas but in New Braunfels, Texas as well. THAT is the school that Hays was taking on and started hurling racial slurs. New Braunfels is about 30 minutes south of Kyle.

Being in that community for almost eight years, I can tell you that they back their high schools fiercely and support them in any sport. The pride for the high schools in Kyle and Buda is big, so no doubt this sent shockwaves through that community.

Imagine the complete shock that our little city of Canyon felt when they were mistakenly pinned to the wall for what happened.

Rest assured, our Canyon High School didn't do anything wrong. However, the other Canyon High School has some explaining to do. None of the kids that were throwing out the slurs were ejected from the game. They got to continue saying whatever they wanted, right or wrong.

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