You may remember a few weeks ago, Amarillo PD kicked off their "Click It or Ticket" campaign. The police were out in force to make sure you had that seatbelt fastened securely across your body and that you were staying safe.

Well, the final numbers from that campaign were released...and they are absolutely astounding.

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Over the course of the 2 week campaign, there were HUNDREDS of tickets issued, and for various different things. Let's break these numbers down:

219 seatbelt tickets. So an average of 15-16 tickets PER DAY of people not wearing their seatbelt. Look, I know they can be a bit uncomfortable at times, but they CAN save your life. Keep in mind, that number is only the ones they caught. Makes you wonder about how many people didn't wear them and just didn't get caught.

14 child restraint tickets. It doesn't say whether they were just in their seat wrong or weren't wearing a restraint of some sort at all. Either way, 14 is just too many. That's 14 kiddos that could've sustained serious injury in a car accident. Yikes.

Some of the other numbers from the campaign show 92 speeding tickets, which honestly seems low to me so decent job there Amarillo. 15 drivers grabbed a ticket for distracted driving, and I'm willing to bet every one of those was someone looking down at their phone while driving. 238 warnings or tickets for "other violations" were handed out as well. This could be a myriad of different things, but when you add it all up together, a TON of tickets were issued over a 2 week campaign.

The campaign yielded 12 arrests overall as well, including a couple of felony arrests. 21 warrants were also served in the 2 week period.

Long story short here, buckle your seatbelt, make sure the kids are strapped in safely and just follow the rules of the road. They're there for your safety, no other reason.

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