We first learned about Shayden Walker late last week. Shayden is from Amarillo and all he really wants is to make some friends. His neighbor's Ring camera caught the conversation between Shayden and the family.

Shayden just wanted to make some friends to play with. Friends that would not bully him.  The neighbor set up a Go Fund Me to help Shayden with some stuff to help him make friends. They wanted to get him a gaming system so that Shayden would have some fun games to play with friends.

They wanted to get him some cool new clothes. Oh, they also wanted to give his family a fun summer vacation. This way Shayden had something fun to talk about when he returned to school. There is no doubt that this is the summer of Shayden. The Go Fund Me made nearly $40,000 before it was put on pause.

There have been many people who have wanted to reach out to Shayden and his family. They want to do all sorts of great and caring things for this kid. One fun activity is going to happen this weekend.

credit: Keely McCoy
credit: Keely McCoy

It's called Shine Like Shayden. A chance to get together and help this great kid make some friends. It will start off at Handl Bar on Sixth Street. They are looking for all the great bikes and cars in the area to take part in this. The run will end at South Lawn Park where all the families can get together and meet Shayden. Not only that but have some fun at the park.

They are asking everyone to bring a present for Shayden. There is no doubt that Shayden will have a lot to talk about when the topic is What did you do on your summer vacation?

This kid is going to have a lot to talk about. He will get to tell everyone that he became an internet sensation. He will get to brag about how everyone in Amarillo seems to know his name. He can talk about the money that was raised with the Go Fund Me.

He will also get to discuss the fun community get-together in his honor. I feel this will be a summer that Shayden will not be forgetting anytime soon.

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