Something we all seem to love doing is match one another during the holidays.

Whether it's matching pajama sets or cheeky shirts, it's a signal the we've arrived at the giving season.

Things may be a bit different this year though.

We've seen across so many different businesses that shortages have impacted a lot of different things. You walk into a grocery store or convenience store and there are signs posted. "Due to limited quantity, some of your favorite items may not be available at this time".

Unfortunately, it's not just food shortages. We have crossed over into the material items world now.

Supply chain issues have hit custom t-shirt makers, and at the worst possible time. Local screen printers are struggling to get their hands on the supplies they need to complete orders, and it starts with the t-shirts themselves.

Great Armadillo Printing owner Eddie Lancaster told NewsChannel 10, "To fill an order it may take us six or seven vendors to fill an order," and that is a major issue. Most of the time these owners can deal with just one or two vendors to get the orders filled. Having to piece it together through six or seven? Woof.

This isn't just affecting people placing small custom orders. There are businesses and operations who order thousands of shirts at a time, and those orders are taking a phenomenally longer time than usual to fill. Some businesses are placing orders six months ahead of time just to make sure they have everything they need in time.

Some are even cancelling orders altogether and going without custom shirts.

Shop owners are saying if you're wanting custom shirts for the holidays, you need to place the order right now to have the best chance of getting your shirts in time...and there's no guarantee they'll be able to complete them in time. It all comes down to what they can get their hands on.

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