I was scrolling around on Facebook just killing some time and a post popped up on my feed. It wasn't some gory photo or funny meme, it was a pretty thought provoking question.

The kind of question that would get you excited at the thought of it, then make you think about everything you've ever wanted in a city.

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So what was the question you ask?

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Now this one is a beautiful question, but also a bit of a loaded question. If you're building downtown Amarillo from the ground up, there is so much you could do.

I'll start with what I would personally do. Keep HODGETOWN as a centerpiece of the area, but let's build around it. It needs to become more of an entertainment district truthfully. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about where we could build something like Texas Live! in Arlington. I say we replace the location of the Civic Center with something just like this.

Now you've got two great pieces of entertainment to build around. Let's start adding in a few restaurants where Joe Taco currently resides. Leave them where they are, but that entire building needs to load up with some restaurants. Fancy or quick, doesn't matter, we just need more food options downtown.

Finish it off with a kid friendly location like a VR room or arcade and we have rebuilt downtown to where it becomes the epicenter of fun in Amarillo.

So what do the other residents of Amarillo think? What would they do? Some of the answers were fun, predictable, and adventurous. Check out their answers here!

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