We have had the Sod Poodles in our city since 2019. In those short few years, we have seen a lot of cool things with this team. Having a minor league team nearby you expect some of it.

You know and hope you will be seeing a lot of nobodies turn into somebodies before your eyes. You hope you get to watch some of your favorites make their way to the majors where you can watch them and think remember when we used to watch them play in Amarillo?

In those short years, we have already seen two championship teams. We had our first one in 2019 when the Sod Poodles were affiliated with the San Diego Padres. We had our most recent one just this season with our affiliation with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Oh, and what a year we got to watch with the Arizona Diamondbacks. They made it all the way to the World Series and on that trip, they had several players that were once a Sod Poodle.

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Now, of course, we did root for them. We had to. We had the Sod Poodle connection but we did root a little harder for the Texas Rangers. Oh, but it was a series. Either way, we were going to be happy.

So we have seen a lot of cool things. Watching some of our former Sod Poodles excel in the World Series was pretty cool. Then watching one in particular win this honor recently was much deserved and let's admit it was pretty satisfying to see.

What a great season it was for Corbin Carroll. Amarillo already knew how good he was. He got to show off for everyone and this honor was much deserved. Now we can add to the list of Amarillo Sod Poodles accomplishments.

We produced a Rookie of the Year. It will be fun to see where Corbin goes from here.

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