It has to be one of the most amazing sights I see on nearly a daily basis. It could be a 95-degree day, or it can be 15 degrees outside. Rain, snow, sleet, wind. Nothing stops people from hitting the drive-thru of this establishment.

You're probably thinking to yourself it MUST be Chick-Fil-A. That place is always packed.

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Sorry to let you down on this one, but I'm talking about Dairy Queen. Just last night, I had to make a run to CVS and when I pulled up to the light at Washington and I-40, the number of tail lights in the drive-thru was staggering.

It wasn't particularly warm outside, and there wasn't anything special going on. People just wanted their ice cream, no matter the weather.

On March 20th, I anticipate there will be a line around the building and billowing out onto Washington as it's free cone day at DQ.

You heard me right, free ice cream. No purchase necessary. Just show up. Simple as pie...or ice cream, right?

So why give away ice cream when it's obvious people will pay for it? It's pretty simple. They just want to help usher in the spring season and give everyone something to look forward to. Lou Romanus, the CEO of Texas Dairy Queen Operators' Council said, “Signs that spring has arrived in Texas can be felt by the warm sun, appearance of bluebonnets in open fields, and Free Cone Day at DQ restaurants in Texas. We love to welcome our biggest fans into our Lone Star restaurants and treat them to a delicious cone to build memories with their families.”

So mark it down on your calendar, because on March 20 we're ALL eating some delicious vanilla ice cream.

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