As we head into the long Labor Day weekend, I anticipate we're going to hear about some bizarre things that happened over the holiday.

But how could I let you go into a relaxing weekend with family and friends without a completely ridiculous story from the 806?

It all happened at the Pride Home Center on NE 24th Ave. back on August 19.

A man went inside apparently looking for some tools or other goods. He found exactly what he was looking for.

Now, when you're in a store and you find what it is you came in for, you typically head to the register right? I mean that's what a store is after all.

Well, this man must've forgotten his wallet at home, because he felt it would be ok to just walk out of the store with the items...that he didn't pay for.

A store employee noticed he had forgotten to stop at the register on his way out the door, so he decided to confront the "customer" about it.

One thing I was told when I was working retail back in the day was never to go after someone who shoplifted. Just let them get away with it for the time being and let surveillance video and police do their job.

What happens next here is the reason I was told that.

The suspect got in his car and attempted to run over the employee that confronted him about the stolen merchandise.

I'm happy to report that the employee that went out and confronted him is ok. However, the suspect is ok as well...because he got away.

If you recognize this man, contact Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400. If your tip leads to an arrest, it could be a cool $1000 coming your way.

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