One thing I've noticed that was missing from the Amarillo school system when we moved here was the lack of offerings for STEM and STEAM kids.

The school system we were a part of in Austin offered full-on STEAM and STEM classes as part of the curriculum there. It was called the GT program, and my oldest was lined up in GT courses for each one of his classes.

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When we got here, we were told they didn't offer anything like that in elementary school here, and that he'd be able to take AP courses in middle school if his scores and everything showed that's where he should be.

We were told there were courses that would be offered after school that he could be a part of, but he's a sports kid and has practices after school a lot of days, so that wasn't much of an option for us.

Recognizing the need for more STEM and STEAM things in Amarillo, the Amarillo Parks & Recreation division has stepped up. They announced that they'll be hosting a Lego Robotics Camp throughout the month of November.

The camps will be held every Tuesday from 6-8 pm and there is a $10 cost per camp attended, and each week is a different project that they will get to complete.

Kids six years and older will be able to participate in the camps as they explore how robotics work and how it all comes together. Pedro Saucedo, the Parks Program Coordinator said, “We’re hoping they take away from this that it’s okay to try different things.”

If this sounds like something you or your kids may be interested in, you can get more details and sign up here.

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