2021 was a big year of change for my family. We moved to Amarillo from Austin earlier in the year and it was a bit of a culture shock.

As the months went by, we started to get comfortable with the city but we were approaching the holidays. The first one up was Halloween.

Now in true family fashion, the boys had a baseball tournament to play in on Halloween, but regardless of how far they went in the tournament, there would be time to trick or treat. So we booked it home once the final game was played, got the kids in their costumes, and got ready to jet set for some candy.

We come out of the house, it's now dark...too dark. No lights on at ANY houses in our neighborhood. Seemed odd to us because in the neighborhood we lived in Austin, pretty much everyone participated in handing out candy. The boys could walk the block, go down a few more blocks and come home with a half-full pillowcase. In and out within an hour and they were loaded.

Here? Yeah, that wasn't the case. We ended up hoping in the car to find SOMEWHERE that had the lights on. We finally did and the boys got some candy. But we were perplexed.

Fast forward a year later. We decided to latch up with some friends to make the rounds because hey, they've been here. They know the spots and where to go. It all started on 6th Street which was really cool how they had it set up. Bars for the adults and plenty of safe trick or treating for the kids. Couldn't have been happier with that being the first move for the evening.

After that, everyone piled up into their cars and we headed to the Wolflin district with all the big and beautiful houses. This is when the kids started their hoping and wishing for the full-sized candy bars. We were just hoping for a fun experience for them.

We worked our way around the neighborhood and it was so entertaining for everyone involved. The kids DID indeed land some full-sized candy bars, the adults got to enjoy a cool atmosphere with music blaring and lights galore. Heck, one house even had a LIVE BAND playing some tunes.

As we started to wind down, we ran into a food truck that was in the neighborhood. Great timing, we were so hungry. I wish I could remember the name of the food truck, but they had a divine smoked bologna sandwich that we indulged in.

All in all, this Halloween was a MUCH more successful one for us and the boys, and I'm hearing it was as well for a lot of you. I'm glad Halloween is back for the kids.

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