Last year, we decided to create a first for Amarillo. In the dearth of all the different holiday drives, there was one thing we noticed was missing from all the great things being done for our community.

Toy drives were plentiful, multiple different coat drives were happening, and of course food drives. I'm sure you're thinking, well what was missing? This pretty much covers the gamut right?

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Not even close, and that's why we created Help 4 The Holidays. As we head into our second year of this all-encompassing drive, the need for these items is greater than it's ever been. 2023 was a tougher year for most people than 2022 was, and that was already bad enough.

Help 4 The Holidays is something we've teamed up for with our friends at KAMR Local 4 where we broadcast live throughout the day and into the evening, collecting items for 20 local non-profits right here in Amarillo.

A wide array of non-profits means we need a wide array of items. Yes, the things mentioned above are always needed, and we collect a lot of that type of stuff. However, it's things like shampoo, soap, toilet paper, diapers, arts & crafts supplies, etc. that have a tendency to be forgotten.

While these items are relatively cheap for the most part, there are those out there who can't afford to spend a few bucks on a bottle of shampoo. If they do, they'll have to sacrifice something else, like a meal for their family.

That's what Help 4 The Holidays is all about. It's to help those local non-profits that don't typically get a lot of love, to be able to help the individuals and families they take care of.

We will be out and broadcasting live at 3424 S. Western St. in the Mayco Center right next to the H&R Block there. Each day from December 11 through the 17th, from 7 am to 7 pm we will be collecting those items and so many more.

You can find a comprehensive list of everything we're in need of this holiday season at our Help 4 The Holidays site. We hope to see you out there!

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