It's a magical time of year. The weather has turned colder, snow starts to pop up in the forecast, lights are shining bright all over the city, and the excitement of opening presents is building.

Then there's the anticipation of that magical man who slides down the chimney with his bag to eat all your cookies and drink all your milk.

Before he does all that though, Santa goes on a bit of a promotional tour and one of the things he loves to do is have breakfast with all the kids he's about to bless with gifts.

Santa has set up several different breakfast dates around the 806, and we want to make sure you've got the opportunity to sit down with the man himself, get those last minute gift requests in and make sure he's got you on the nice list.

Here's a look at some of the places Santa will be sitting down in the morning around Amarillo, complete with location, when he'll be there and cost (if there is any).

December 10: Saint Paul Methodist Church will welcome Santa where you'll be able to enjoy a little grub with him, write those holiday letters, and do a little dancing with the big man! It's more of a brunch as the event kicks off at 10 am.

December 10: If you're looking for something that's at a true breakfast time, Little Bees Playhouse will be hosting the Ultimate Breakfast with Santa starting at 8:30 am. You'll get a special invitation mailed from the North Pole inviting you to the event, photos with Santa and some breakfast from Chick-Fil-A. The cost for this one is $65 but that is for a family of four so everyone can enjoy it. You do have to pre-register for this event and you can do that here.

December 19: Cinergy will have Breakfast with Santa for a cost of $15. You'll get to enjoy a nice french toast breakfast, a hot cocoa bar, $5 in bonus cash to play some games, and you'll be able to enjoy a holiday movie. You'll be able to choose whether you sit down to watch A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Elf, or The Polar Express. Movies start at 9 am.

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