So here we are, a new year is upon us.

And every year brings the wonderful resolution, or resolutions, we come up with.

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We make these resolutions to better ourselves right? This or that will make us a better person, better employee, whatever it may be.

There's only one problem with that...we always break these resolutions.

Be honest with yourself, have you EVER kept a resolution through an entire year and successfully completed one?

I for one can say I haven't, and I've tried easy and difficult resolutions to keep. This year is no different.

I kicked off the year by having a baby. Well, to be technical she was born with 3 days remaining in 2021, but fresh enough for 2022 right?

So I made a resolution that for the month of January, I wasn't going to drink any beer. I want to be 100% clear and present minded right?

Now, I want to preface this with I didn't make this resolution because I have a drinking problem. I just enjoy my beer at certain points of a weekend or having one or two after a long, tough day at work from time to time.

Fast forward to January 2nd. I'm in my fantasy football playoffs, championship to be exact. A win will net me some decent money. I flip the games on and am doing good. My players are performing well early on, points are racking up.

Halftime of the games hit and I'm doing well, projected to win by 35-40 points. Then the 2nd half hits. My players stop racking up points, my projected win getting slimmer and slimmer.

Yup, you guessed it. Second day of the year and I'm already in the fridge cracking a cold one open. Now, I can proudly say I just sipped on it and made it last...and didn't go back for another one.

It doesn't matter however, because just a day and a half into the new year I've already busted my resolution. So yeah, here's to 2022.

I wanna know what YOUR resolution is this year...and I also want to know when you think you'll end up breaking your resolution. Let me know below, let's have some fun to kick off the year!

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