So let me start off by saying I love seeing historical things. I like to know how a city has progressed over the years and seeing remnants of those things.

We were a part of the big 4th of July weekend parade in Canyon on Saturday, and as we were all queued up in line with our float and vehicles, we were killing a little time. We were lined up right in front of the First United Bank Center and there were a couple of historic plaques to read.

Ryan Kramer/TSM
Ryan Kramer/TSM

One stood out to me and was just a complete head scratcher. It was labeled "Early Barbed Wire Fence". What exactly is SO historic about a barbed wire fence? I mean, there wasn't even a remnant of it ANYWHERE to be found!

According to the plaque, it talked about how in the late 1800's fencing was desperately needed across the panhandle, hence barbed wire was born.

Ahhhh, ok I got it now...I think. So you mean to tell me that Canyon was the birthplace of barbed wire and THAT is why it's such a historical site? No...that's not even it. It wasn't born here, it wasn't invented here. It was simply one of the areas that had early barbed wire.

Again, I love seeing historical sites and like them even more when I can see remnants of it. But to put up a plaque to be proud of the fact that there was once barbed wire in this spot not long after it was invented seemed just a bit silly to me. I don't see this particular area popping up in the history books anytime soon, so I guess I found it a bit strange to call it a historical site.

Still love ya though Canyon! Just can't get on board with this one.

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