This week has been a strange one when it comes to the weather. It seemed every single time I opened my weather app, it was something different. It's going to rain...wait, no it's not. Just kidding, it's back.

I was keeping a close eye on it because both of my boys had baseball games scheduled this week, so with all the talk of potential weather, I had to be locked in so I could figure out if they were going to have a chance to play.

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Long story short, both boys had their games canceled, but man oh man was the weather forecast way off.

Tuesday was the first day I was dialed into it. The prognosis in the morning was that it was going to start raining around 2 pm and not stop until around 8 pm, then pick up again overnight. I went to check it around noon and the rain had been pushed back to 5 pm. Still not ideal for a game.

A couple of hours later, I look again. Rain pushed back to the 7 pm hour. Awesome, we're gonna play some ball! We hop in the car around 4:45 pm and start seeing clouds the closer we get to Canyon. Then, the skies open up. Lightning, thunder, rain. Wait, I thought it wasn't going to rain until around 7 pm or later?

Fast forward to Wednesday. Same song and dance. It's gonna rain, no it's not, yes it is. Thankfully, we didn't make it out of the house before the games got canceled for this one so we didn't have to be let down AS much.

However, it leads to this question. How much can we REALLY trust the weather forecast from anyone? I've lived in a lot of places, but never in my lifetime have I seen a weather forecast change as much as it does in Amarillo.

I know there is a science to the weather and being able to read what it's going to do, I took meteorology in high school. I just don't understand WHY it changes so quickly and dramatically in Amarillo.

Things like temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, and humidity can change the trajectory of a storm. With how much the wind blows in Amarillo, the path of a storm can change quickly. We saw that this week with the weather here.

My question is, do we even bother listening to what the forecast is going to be here anymore? It seems it doesn't matter and literally everyone is throwing darts at the wall hoping it'll stick.

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