So you're looking for work in Texas huh? Maybe it's a change of career you're chasing, or you simply need to pull down a paycheck. In so many different industries, this particular thing is relatively common when it comes to gaining employment.

You go through the interview process, then maybe another one if they really like you. The business then decides to extend an offer to you to come work for them. You're excited about the opportunity, but it comes with a catch.

You'll need to take, and pass, a drug test in order to work for XYZ company. For many in Texas, this isn't a problem. We simply go to the place that will conduct the test, do our business, then move along, awaiting that call saying everything is good and you're officially hired.

For some however, they know they won't be able to pass that test. They begin to panic, and wonder to themselves how they can skirt the system in order to pass the drug test. See, most drug tests conducted are urine tests. You know, the old pee in a cup test.

The problem with urine tests is there are many ways around it. There are drinks that can supposedly flush your system or hide the active ingredient in the drug that will pop positive on a test. There's also the ever popular use someone else's urine for the test by bringing it in a bag with you to the test.

Things are about to change though, as employers in Texas have begun to explore alternative methods of drug testing that can't be skirted in any way possible.

Oral fluid testing is now being introduced as the way to conduct a drug test, because there's just no way to get around that. You can't use someone else's oral fluids, and as of right now, I don't believe there's any kind of masking agent for that type of test.

One of the thins they're looking at is the cost efficiency of it. It could cost a bit more than the urine tests, simply because the oral tests will have expiration dates on them. Obviously, those little urine cups don't.

There is a strong push though for the oral tests, and they say they COULD be more cost efficient as long as they aren't having to throw out a bunch of expired tests. So if you're one of those who looks for ways around a drug test in Texas, think again. You may not be able to do so here in short order.

You can find the full study on it here.

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