A mom on TikTok had a hilarious reaction after realizing she got scammed by a fake website.

Her daughter filmed the ordeal in a viral video that has over 2 million views as of publishing.

"Telling my mom the website she ordered from looks sketchy," reads text over the video.

After confidentially calling herself a "cyber ninja," the mom visibly becomes worried when she investigates the website she ordered from further. "Customer care .zip," she reads out loud, sighing before mumbling, "What the frig."

"They got me," she exclaims as she falls to the floor.

In an extremely relatable move, when her husband asks what's going on, the mom replies, "Nothing," with a stoic face.

The woman then calls her bank to report "possible fraud" as her daughter continues to record her while running frantically through their house.

"Sorry Stace but they got ya," reads the video's caption.

Watch below:

In the comments section, many people found the situation amusing.

"I heard .zip and immediately knew lol," one person wrote in the comments.

"Hiding it because of embarrassment is SO ME," someone else shared.

"Stace went through all 5 stages of grief," another commented.

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"Pleeeease tell us what she thought she was ordering," one person begged.

Someone else shared their own tale about their mom getting scammed online.

"This reminds me of my poor mom. She spent [$650 dollars] she thought was real and that she was getting," they shared.

Despite multiple requests for the TikToker to reveal what happened after the video and what the mom was attempting to buy, there has been no update as of publication.

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