Jerry Seinfeld was doing a standup set recently and yada yada yada there might be some kind of Seinfeld reunion in the works.

Okay, here’s the non-yada yada yada version: Seinfeld was doing a show recently in Boston, when he fielded a question from the audience about the infamous series finale of Seinfeld, which was watched by an enormous audience in 1998 but was also widely regarded as something of a creative disappointment.

“I have a little secret for you about the ending,” Seinfeld replied, “but I can’t really tell it, because it is a secret. Here's what I’ll tell you, but you can’t really tell anybody. Something is going to happen that has to do with that ending. Hasn’t happened yet. And just what you are thinking about, Larry and I have also been thinking about. So you’ll see.”

You can see Seinfeld talking about all of this in the video below...

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In “The Finale,” Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer were all sentenced to one year in prison for breaking a Good Samaritan law in a small town in Massachusetts while on a vacation. Series co-creator Larry David returned to the show to help pen the finale, which also featured appearances from most of Seinfeld’s most famous guest stars, most appearing as witnesses during the big trial for the main four characters. Despite David’s script and the star-studded cast, “The Finale” often appears on lists of worst TV finales ever made. That episode recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

Although Seinfeld has never had a formal reunion, Seinfeld, David, and the main cast did collaborate on a quasi-reunion during the seventh season of David’s series Curb Your Enthusiasm, which had an overarching story about the fictional Larry David working on a Seinfeld reunion in order to try to reignite his relationship with his ex-wife Cheryl. That season of the show culminated in a finale that included scenes from the Seinfeld reunion within the show; the whole season was much more well-received than Seinfeld’s actual finale.

A full-on Seinfeld reunion would be quite the TV event, especially if it is something that has Larry David’s participation, which Jerry’s comment certainly suggests this thing has. Before we get our hopes up too high, though, let’s remember a lot of times people tease some kind of massive reunion in very vague terms, it often turns out to be, like, a Super Bowl ad, rather than a full-fledged TV show. Nothing is official until it is official. Until then it is just a rumor involving something about a show about nothing.

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