I have been told several times that the Texas Air and Space Museum is a "hidden" local treasure. I finally made a trip to see it, and it exceeded all expectations.

I've spoken with man in charge, Ron, on more than one occasion. He is always on the lookout for items to display at the museum, and is always on the lookout for volunteers to work the museum.

Don't let those two things fool you into thinking that there isn't much to see at the Texas Air and Space Museum.

Expecting the ride to the museum to actually last longer than the tour, my group was prepared for a quaint 20 minutes worth of history. The tour took almost an hour.

Every time you turn a corner, there is another room with more items to display, more photos of local veterans along with their stories, aircraft to step inside and tour...it was a tidal wave of information.

Imagine being on a tour with Willy Wonka, with the seemingly endless number of rooms full of wonders. Replace the chocolate and candy with aircraft, models, pictures, and stories and you have the Texas Air and Space Museum.

Along with the aircraft that spans military campaigns and days of racing in Reno, there are also artifacts and craft related to Space missions.

The museum is open 10 AM - 4 PM Monday through Saturday, and definitely earns a recommendation.

For info, be sure to follow this link to the Texas Air and Space Museum website.

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