Competing for the USA in any sport is considered a major moment in an athlete's career, some even consider it the pinnacle. It's not a common thing by any stretch, I mean look at the athletes that take part in the Olympics.

Well, Amarillo is about to have one of their own competing and representing the country overseas, and this could be just the beginning of this saga.

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His name is Abbott Gist, a 13 year old kickboxer right here in Amarillo, and he's getting the chance of a lifetime early in his sporting career. Abbott was selected to represent the USA in the World Kickboxing Championships in Barnsley, England August 4-6.

Gist picked up kickboxing four years ago at 9 years old and immediately fell in love with it. He began to dedicate himself to the sport and mixed martial arts in general. His first exposure to it was watching it on TV and that's where he fell in love with it.

Once he decided to try it himself, he set a new goal for himself. That goal was to make it to the top level of the sport and become the best in the world. I'd say being selected to represent your country in a sport is reaching that top level.

Now, at the tender age of 13, he has a chance to achieve his goal of being recognized as the best in the world in his age class, and this could be the springboard for him in his goal to be recognized as the best in the world period.

You can see more about his journey here from our partners at KAMR Channel 4.

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