So one of the things I got away from for a long time was riding a bike. As I got a bit older, I just kind of put it away because everywhere I needed to go needed a car. Then I had kids.

As they got a bit older and really started to learn how to ride their bikes, we found they wanted to just go on bike rides, like any kid right? So the wife and I found ourselves walking with them as they started to ride off into the distance. It got us thinking, should we just buy some bikes so we can ride with them?

Well we're right on the verge of doing that, but we wanted to look around for some scenic bike rides we could go on together rather than just rumble around the neighborhood. Plus, we wanted to be able to really soak in what Amarillo has to offer. After asking around, it seems there's a couple of fun ones to go on.


There is a bike trail at N. Soncy and the loop that is fully paved (because my kids aren't ready for rocky terrain yet). It's got some nice hills and elevation changes and is a good distance to where the ride isn't over so quick. We hopped over there with the kids and their bikes, and they didn't make it TOO far, but hey, with a little training I'm sure they can make it at least halfway right?


A good length bike ride that runs from Coulter & Plains to Georgia St. & Plains. Thankfully this one is paved as well, and it connects a couple of great areas in Amarillo for us to see. It's also one of the more accommodating trails as it's pretty flat, has areas for you to take a break and even some water fountains along the way.

While we haven't been able to fully explore these trails all the way through, we're certainly looking forward to it. If you know of some other ones, don't be afraid to reach out and let me know about them!

The Eerie Abandoned Puckett Place Apartments of Amarillo

The Puckett Place apartments at 3447 Amherst St. have been a vacant and in disrepair for well over a decade. The building has finally been slated for renovation and at long last, Puckett Place will see a new life.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse at the strange and derelict beauty that is the abandoned Puckett Place.

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