Pets are a part of our lives. They become family members, they become support, and they become our happiness. It starts with one, then you figure that pet needs a friend so you get another one.

Then you become attached to them and want more and more. Well, better be careful with how many you get or you could find yourself in trouble.

There's a limit as to how many pets you can have in your household before you start getting fined and being told you have to remove some pets from the household. The wilder thing is the number of pets Texas says you can have differs from what Amarillo says you're allowed to have.

Texas law states you can have up to four dogs or four cats in the household over eight weeks old. However, if you mix and match, you're allowed to have up to six animals in your household. I mean that seems like plenty of pets to me. You need a big house to handle anywhere between 4-6 pets right?

Now let's take a look at Amarillo. It's similar, but it has some differences. The rule of six combined pets in the household is out the window in Amarillo. City ordinance says you can't have more than four pets period in the household.

So what's the reasoning behind it? It's all about safety. They want to make sure they aren't posing any kind of hoarding threats to themselves or the people around them. I know it sounds a bit strange to say hoarding pets, but its a real thing and it can cause major issues.

If you've got more than four in your household, you might think about re-homing them or keeping it VERY quiet.

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