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A show coming to the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts has recently sparked a lot of debate and heated some people up because of what it is. So much so that residents of Amarillo started lodging formal complaints with Mayor Ginger Nelson.

And while the Mayor is here to serve the city and its residents, some things may or may not be things they should be delving into too deeply.

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The show in question is "A Drag Queen Christmas". Now, before I get going here, I want to state that I understand the religious and cultural concerns that come with a show of this variety. I understand how views on it could be strong, and I'm not here to take sides. You have your opinions and thoughts and I have mine. That's the beauty of our country, right?

Think About The Children

There have been concerns raised about the content of the show, the manner in which it is being presented, and the fact that it's an all-ages show. When it comes to the all-ages part, there are plenty of people concerned (including our Mayor it seems) that children should not be subjected to this content.

To be fair, the children don't have to see the show if their parents don't want to bring them, right? Seems to me that one is an easy fix. It's not like the show is happening in the middle of the city and is required for all residents to attend. It's a ticketed show that you have to pay for. Ultimately, that's up to the parents if they want their kids to attend the show.

The Mayor's response to the show itself was fine in nature as far as why the show is allowed to be presented in the city. Free speech was cited several times in her response, and she mentioned that the city doesn't have the right to censor what is put on at the center as long as it doesn't violate laws and the company takes care of all the requirements to rent the venue.

Where The Line Was Crossed (Maybe)

Where Mayor Nelson MAY have crossed a line was by stating:

“I am praying that this event will give our city an opportunity to engage with people who do not know Jesus and don’t share our beliefs. I pray that our kindness and compassion will be attractive to them as they visit our city and that it will lead to questions and curiosity about our beliefs. Most of all, I’m praying that those who don’t know Jesus or His grace will meet Him in Amarillo and be changed forever. I hope you will pray with me for these things.”

Again, I'm not here to debate religion, politics, or anything else. I just felt like this kind of statement was crossing a bit of a line as there are MULTIPLE religions and they don't all share the same views and beliefs. The statement very much made it sound like Amarillo only subscribes to a particular religion, and that's all.

Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't know that politics and religion should necessarily be intertwined. These are two things that are VERY divisive, and having the top person over a city delving into it can send the city to a dark place. We need more compassion and love these days, not more arguing and separation.

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